Meaningful Cycling. GoodTurn Cycles

July 17, 2020   |    Aspen Grove, Littleton Colorado

GoodTurn Cycles is a retailer at Aspen Grove – but not your typical retailer. They are a non-profit electric bike shop. A social enterprise dedicated not only to helping people achieve better health but also providing job training to young people through an amazing internship program. GoodTurn Cycles operates in a way that puts the community first. Always.

Bikes are a hot commodity these days and our GoodTurn Cycles eBike shop has many styles and options to choose from. eBikes aren’t mopeds or scooters, and you don’t need a special license or insurance to ride. Most eBikes will top out at 20 mph, making them a safe and fun way to explore beautiful Littleton…and yeah, our state.

Their professional team can help you find the right bike for your lifestyle.

eBike rentals are also available. If you’ve always wanted to test drive an electric bike, you can rent a bike from their shop and cruise the Platte River Trail on one of their comfort cruisers.

GoodTurn Cycles has a bike service department for any type of bike in the back of their store. When you bring your bike to their shop for any service or repair, you are directly supporting their job training program.

GoodTurn Cycles also offers bike tours. Take a tour around downtown Denver and check out the vivacious RINO District or get outdoors and experience Colorado’s trails like a local on a mountain bike with pedal assistance. These guided tours are fun for all ages and skills.

The next time you’re at Aspen Grove stop by GoodTurn Cycles and learn more about their organization. When you support this one-of-a-kind bike shop with a passion for riding, you’re strengthening a movement that gives people who need a little help a path to gainful employment.

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