We love Littleton, Colorado. It's been almost 20 years since we opened our doors and became part of the landscape that makes the City of Littleton a vibrant community. We're glad to be here and we're glad to be able to share the happenings of what is going on in and around our neighborhood. If you know something cool happening around town, send it to us. Email

Town Hall Arts Center. A special place in Littleton Colorado.

There are many little gems in our Littleton community and one of our favorites is the Town Hall Arts Center. We are proud to support and include Town Hall Arts Center into Aspen Groves outdoor events and to help us bring cool things to our center. Their mission, to enrich the cultural, social, and educational […]
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Littleton Is Dog-Friendly

The City of Littleton is going to the dogs! With many pet-friendly businesses and miles of parks and trails, the City of Littleton is a perfect place for your furry friends. Have you met Littleton’s Dog Mayor? Murdoch, a 5-year old basset hound, won the election to be Littleton’s first-ever dog mayor in the November […]
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Carson Nature Center

Just behind Aspen Grove, you can enjoy the South Platte Park Carson Nature Center. It is a natural oasis to walk, run, fish, or ride your cycle.
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BEMIS Public Library

We love BEMIS Public Library and we're thrilled to share that they have reopened with modified hours.
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Littleton Museum

Minutes away from Aspen Grove you'll find the Littleton Museum. For more than 40 years, the Littleton Museum has served as the primary repository for the history, art, and culture of Littleton.
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Explore The Hudson Gardens

Hudson Garden, just minutes from Aspen Grove, is more than just a pretty space. It is a nonprofit organization encompassing thirty acres of garden exhibits, trails, natural terrain
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